16th International Heat Transfer Conference


General session presentation guidelines

There will be eight poster sessions during the week, scheduled each morning and afternoon from Aug. 11 to Aug. 15 for 3 hours except for Saturday morning and Monday afternoon. Specific session times may be found on the Program page. Each paper will be assigned to one of these sessions. Posters for the morning sessions may be mounted from 8:00 am to 8:30 am on that day (before the keynote lectures) and must be removed by 1:00 pm. Posters for the afternoon sessions should be mounted by 2:00 pm (before the keynote lectures) and removed by 6:30 pm. They should not be left in place overnight.

Each poster session will be preceded by a short slide presentation session where each author will present a short, 2 minute, 2 slide oral summary of their paper. This should be a concise summary of what you did in this research and the key results. Your slide presentations should be emailed to your session organizer (you will receive an email asking for your 2 slides) before the conference or you will not be able to make your oral summary. Your file name should start with your paper number, IHTC16-#####.

Each speaker should arrive in the session room 10 minutes before the beginning of the Oral Session.

These oral sessions are:

  • 11 August, Saturday   15:00 – 16:00
  • 12 August, Sunday   9:20 – 10:20
  • 12 August, Sunday   15:00 – 16:00
  • 13 August, Monday   9:20 – 10:20
  • 14 August, Tuesday   9:20 – 10:20
  • 14 August, Tuesday   15:00 – 16:00
  • 15 August, Wednesday   9:20 – 10:20
  • 15 August, Wednesday   14:00 – 15:00

Poster sessions

After their oral presentation, each author should then stay by their poster throughout the poster session to discuss their work with other attendees.

Suggestions for preparing posters

  • Posters should be prepared directly onto a single large sheet 0.9 m wide by 1.3 m high.
  • The lettering should be large enough to be read by someone standing 2 m back from the poster. The following text sizes are suggested:
    • Title: 100 point, 20-24 mm
    • Authors' names and affiliations: 48 point, 12-15 mm, Title Case
    • Section headings (ABSTRACT, RESULTS, etc.): 48-60 point, 15-20 mm
    • The text itself should be of the order of 16-24 point, 5-10 mm, Upper and lower case
  • For clarity, use lots of diagrams, lots of color, and not many words.
  • Use phrases and short sentences in "bullet points".
  • We recommend that the poster be divided into sections:
    • a one or two sentence abstract
    • problem definition and/or aims
    • methods
    • results
    • conclusions
  • The rules for the preparation of good slides apply equally to the preparation of good posters:
    • keep them simple
    • avoid overcrowding and excessive information
    • use large lettering and thick lines
    • "one picture is worth a thousand words"