16th International Heat Transfer Conference

16th International Heat Transfer Conference

China National Convention Center, Beijing, China, August 10-15, 2018
Organized by
Heat & Mass Transfer Society of China
Under the auspices of
The Assembly for International Heat Transfer Conferences
Supported by
International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer
Chinese Society of Engineering Thermophysics
Asian Union of Thermal Science and Engineering

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Heat and Mass Transfer Serving Society

The heat and mass transfer community is involved in nearly all aspects of society since nearly all activities involve some form of heat or mass transfer. Heat and mass transfer phenomena control energy production and utilization systems, many types of production lines, transportation systems and numerous daily activities for our modern lifestyles. Thus, heat and mass transfer is a vitally important field where scientists and engineers face difficult challenges developing cutting-edge technologies for highly efficient energy systems, massive information/communication equipment, high-value-added manufacturing, and comfortable living environments, to name just a few.

The International Heat Transfer Conferences (IHTC) are the world’s premier conferences for scientists and engineers in the heat and mass transfer research community. The conferences are convened every four years to exchange the latest heat and mass transfer information. Previous conferences have greatly enhanced our exchanges of knowledge and experience and nurtured new and interdisciplinary research areas. IHTC-16 will continue the increasingly important mission of fostering international cooperation and the exchange of ideas among colleagues to solve urgent problems and improve peoples’ lives in the years ahead.

We invite forward-looking scientists, engineers, and researchers from all over the world to attend the 16th International Heat Transfer Conference (IHTC-16) in Beijing, China, August 10 to 15, 2018. In addition to exploring traditional research areas, IHTC-16 will ask important questions about how we can better serve society and make this world a better place for all people. We face major issues such as ensuring sustainable development, healthy ageing, sufficient food for all, and economic growth that need scientific and technological solutions. To do this, we need to promote collaboration to develop new ideas with interdisciplinary teams developing new solutions for today’s problems.

IHTC-16 will provide participants with unique opportunities for exchanging new ideas and will facilitate extensive discussions throughout the conference. We hope that IHTC-16 will magnify the contributions of the previous 15 meetings for the benefit of the international heat and mass transfer community and all people.